The 4 corners of the world represented by 4 percussionists: North - East - West - South.

N.E.W.S. was developed by the Global Performance Arts Group (GPAG) and myself to give new impulses to percussion as a performing art.

More information here, again, only in Dutch: www.newspercussion.nl (Sorry, in Dutch only)


The show is constructed  around the corners of the world:
North - North America and Europe performed by me.
East - Asia with a focus on Japan by Gen Hidaka of Yamato 'The Drummers of Japan'.
West - Caribbean and South America by Simone Sou.
South - Africa by Carlo Hoop.

Local drum bands or marching bands will be involved in the project.

During daytime the 4 percussionists work with the local bands on the same composition, each in his/her special way.
In the evening the results will be played to an audience in the local theatre.
After the intermission the 4 percussionists will play solo and together.
The grand finale will be with everybody together.

During the show images from each part will be shown in a film that was produced specially for the performance.

Here is a trailer: a show we did at a big drum festival in Eindhoven Holland in 2014.