The 4 corners of the world represented by 4 percussionists: North - East - West - South.

Contact info: +31 654 310 214 - jeroen@jeroenderijk.com

N.E.W.S. was developed by the Global Performance Arts Group (GPAG) and myself to give new impulses to percussion as a performing art.
The first series of theatre shows were done in October 2017 and January 2018.


Here you find more information:
N.E.W.S. Facebook page


The show is constructed  around the corners of the world:

North - North America and Europe performed by me.
East - Asia with a focus on Japan by one of the Yamato 'The Drummers of Japan'.
West - Caribbean and South America by Simone Sou.
South - Africa by Carlo Hoop.


Local drum bands or marching bands are always involved in the project.
They open the show by coming on stage through the theatre hall.
After the intermission the 4 percussionists will play solo and together, always with a backing track.
The grand finale will be with everybody together.

During the show images from each area will be shown in a film which is specially produced for the performance.


Here is a trailer: a show we did at a big drum festival in Eindhoven Holland in 2014.


You can reach me direct on: +31 654 310 214 (mobile)
Or send an email: jeroen@jeroenderijk.com