Gino Vannelli

Playing and recording with Gino Vannelli on various occasions.

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Jimmy Haslip - Otmaro Ruiz - Jeroen - Gino vannelli 


In 2000 I was the promotor for a big Gino Vannelli and The Metropole Orchestra concert in Roosendaal.

It's the place where I grew up before moving to Amsterdam in 1981.
The local Jazz festival allowed me to bring this all time hero to Holland to celebrate the 25th edition of the festival.
Upon Gino's request we involved the Metropole Orchestra.
It was a huge success that resulted in building a relationship with Gino.
I played again with this project on the North Sea Jazz Festival in 2002.
The youtube link is Gino's world hit 'People Gotta Move'.
Also I twice put together a small band for Gino for live TV and radio appearances in Holland.
Here is again 'People Gotta Move', his time live TV in 'Barend & Van Dorp' in 2005.
I also recorded one song for the 'A Good Thing' CD + book: 'This Day On'.
Never will I forget the amazing talks we had, about everything in the universe and back.


In the photo f.l.t.r. my friend Jimmy Haslip who co produced the concert, fantastic
Otmaro Ruiz who came with Gino to play piano, me and the man himself.


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  • Gino Vannelli

    Playing and recording with Gino Vannelli on various occasions.

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