Suzanna Lubrano

From 2007 until 2015 I was the bandleader for this wonderful and popular Zouk artist from Cabo Verde.


Besides various shows in Holland and France we e played on 7 of the 9 wonderful islands that make up Cabo Verde.
Thousands and thousands of people enjoyed Suzanna's massive hits like 'Tudo Pa Bo', 'Pensa Na Mi' and 'Tardi Di Mas'.
This photo is taken while performing in capitol city Praia, during the first of our 5 tours to the islands.
Here is a link to 6 songs from a live DVD I co-produced 'Live at Off-Corso', featuring Candy Dulfer.
This is a clip of the 'Vitoria', one of the songs on Suzanna's 2015 album with the same, that I helped produce.