About me & Testimonials



I am a free lance multi styles percussionist and music entrepreneur based in Amsterdam (NL).
Since 1981 I recorded for ± 350 albums, countless jingles etc., played live and worked as a 'clinician'.
These days 95% of the recordings are done in my 'Percussion Today Home Studio'.
Tracks are continuously 'shipped' all over the world.
I use Logic Pro X in the studio and love my Roland SPD-SX PRO on stage for custom samples and loops.
Vater and Meinl are the brands for drumsticks, percussion instruments and cymbals I endorse and play exclusively.
Since 1998 I am the owner of Baileo Music Productions BV, a booking agency for live music, music production and a CD/VINYL/DVD label (± 60 releases).

I recently released a fourth album under my own name.
It is a collaboration with about 25 of the best musicians and nicest people I have in my phonebook.
'Current Moves' is available on all streaming services including Spotify.

Here you a link to a short promo video I made.
It presents all the fine people involved in the album.

'Current Moves' cover

Contact info: +31 654 310 214 - jeroen@jeroenderijk.com

Artists I recorded for and/or played live with:
Bruno Mars ('Versace On The Floor'), Michael Jackson ('Love Never Felt So Good' single), David Guetta, Mr. Probz, Gino Vannelli, Mezzoforte, Yellowjackets, Metropole Orchestra, George Duke, Jazz Orchestra Of The Concertgebouw, Pat Metheny, Toots Thielemans, Dado Moroni, 'Toppers', Candy Dulfer, The Passion, Stephen Emmer, Chaka Kahn, Frank McComb, 'A Bowie Celebration - Let's Dance' (Featuring amongst others the likes of Mike Garson, Gerry Leonard, Carmine Rojas, Adrian Belew, Joe Sumner, Alan Childs, Lee John, Earl Slick, Corey Glover, Mr. Hudson, Sass Jordan and Bernard Fowler), Golden Earring....
(Photo below © Ejam Maail)

In 2017 and 2018 I was musically responsible for 'N.E.W.S.' - North East west South - , a theatrical percussion project that represents the 4 corners of the world in terms of drumming.
Together with Carlo Hoop, Simone Sou & Madoka Higashi (One of the 'Yamato - Drummers of Japan')

Percussion Loops HD’ App, available in the iTunes Store, is a vast library of (my) percussion sounds and loops, available for iOS only and to be used in any daw, a.o. Garageband, Auria and Cubasis. 

In 2017 I was honoured to be asked to become an 'official' ambassador for the Red Light Jazz Festival in Amsterdam.
Initiated by local entrepreneurs, Red Light Jazz highlights the rich tradition Amsterdam has as a true jazz city.

It is an honour to have been chosen 'Best Percussionist of the Benelux' 10 times by the readers of ‘Slagwerkkrant’.
In the 2020 edition I was chosen #1 in the category 'All Time Favorite Benelux', and again I am honoured, and pleased, and humbled.

Slagwerkkrant Poll #1 'All Time Favorite Benelux' 2020

Two sample/loop packs were released in collaboration with 'Basic Wavez'.
'Deep Organic Percussion' saw the light in 2022 and turns out to be very successful, selling worldwide.
'Organic Afro Fills' was released December 2023.

You can reach me direct on: +31 654 310 214
Or send an email: jeroen@jeroenderijk.com

By clicking on the photo below you can check out my - live in the Power Sound Studio - promo video.
Here I also recorded for Michael Jackson, David Guetta, Bruno Mars, Mr. Probz and many other artists.

And, oh yes, I'm a watch lover... all my life yet.
Ended up with a modest collection, several brands, mainly automatic watches, ones that run as long as I do.
Photo by dear friend Petra Beckers.

 Jeroen watch lover

Big halls, below the Amsterdam Ziggodome, small venues, all good...

Jeroen in Ziggo Dome 2021

Gerry Leonard Testimonial

"Occasionally loud, often rattly, always banging on things... but strangely musical and always in time..."


Jeroen was a real pleasure to have on the session.


Super quick and very tasteful.


He has a fabulous groove and huge range.


Get him while he's hot!


Gerry Leonard, aka Spooky Ghost, is guitarist for Suzan Vega and Rufus Wainwright.
He was guitarist and musical director for the late David Bowie.
Guitarist on the worldwide 'A Bowie Celebration' project with original Bowie band members.


Gerry produced the 'Over The Top' album by Czech band 'Všichni Svatí' ('All Saints') in the world famous Wisseloord studios.
Jeroen did all percussion for this album.


Kevin Killen was the master engineer for this production.
Kevin recorded for Shakira, Peter Gabriel, U2, David Bowie, Elvis Costello, Tori Amos, Kate Bush, Jewel, Bon Jovi and many others.

Jimmy Haslip Testimonial

I met Jeroen when performing with Yellowjackets and the Metropole Orchestra conducted by Vince Mendoza.
He was brought in to enhance the orchestra's percussion section.
We had new arrangements and Jeroen created the right chemistry for this very special project.
It resulted in an outstanding performance at the 1996 North Sea Jazz Festival in The Hague, the Netherlands.
Since then, we have recorded together on many of his projects and worked together with the Edison nominated band Live Line.
This band featured Jeroen on percussion, Hans Eijkenaar on drums, Michiel Borstlap on piano and keyboards, Eric Vloeimans on trumpet and Flugelhorn and myself on electric bass!
Jeroen has an extensive list of credits and is a brilliant musician, producer and composer.
I am honored to continue working with him as he has introduced me to a wide range of super talented musicians and technicians in the Netherlands and other parts of Europe.

Jimmy Haslip, producer, musician, composer


Cees Hamelink Testimonial

I conclude that the key features of this multi-talent musician are an exceptional creativity at an advanced level of professionalism combined with extra-ordinary social skills, reliability and an impressive musicianship.


What singles Jeroen de Rijk out from so many other well-qualified jazz musicians is his capacity to make his music “communicative”.


In all he does there is always an invitation to conviviality: that unique combination of cheerfulness with helpfulness.


Dr. Cees J. Hamelink, Professor of communication science (University of Amsterdam), President of the Foundation Junior Meets Senior (for jazz music education), Author of 18 monographs on communication and culture.


(Photo from left to right Cees Hamelink, the late Amsterdam Major Eberhart van der Laan and Jeroen in the year 2014 when the Major supported Cees and Jeroen's 'Amsterdam World Jazz City' project)


Will Kennedy Testimonial

Jeroen had a very natural approach to our (Yellowjackets) music, he was very sensitive to the arrangements.

I’ve had really bad percussion experiences in the past. (I won’t mention any names, ha ha!)

Percussion is very colourful, it is an enhancement instrument, where it adds, you know?

But if you play it incorrectly, it can do more subtraction, it can take away and make the drummer feel as if he is in jail, very inhibit.

But if you have a good percussionist around you who is sensitive and listens to what is going on around him, you guys are just spontaneous playing with ánd around each other.

I didn’t have to turn around to him, I didn’t have to say ‘play softer’…

We just played and had a good time, it was an excellent experience!


Will Kennedy, member of Yellowjackets and world renowned session drummer

(Photo taken with Yellowjackets while enjoying apple pie in my favourite Amsterdam pub)


Gino Vannelli Testimonial

The truth about a great percussionist?. . . (the barbarian jokes notwithstanding)

It is the ability to grab hold of that burning fire within and hurl a few flames here and there around the room, making sure other players feel the heat.

I remember a few years back, when Persona No Grata wasn't letting loose yet in rehearsal with the Metropole, at least not until Jeroen started whipping on the timbales, sounding the alarm, getting everybody's attention and a choir of heads to start boppin' nonstop.


Musically speaking, it was as if sixty - no, make that sixty one people - suddenly saw the light.


Thank you my friend! Gino


(In photo f.l.t.r. Jimmy Haslip, Otmaro Ruiz, Jeroen and Gino during rehearsals with the Metropole Orchestra)

Ivo Witteveen Testimonial

As a media composer, my projects are usually a mix of electronics and live musicians.

Jeroen is my first call percussion player and one of the first players I'll call in general if I need someone to breathe some life into programmed tracks.

I consider him a pop music percussion player with a good taste for sounds.

He can fill an arrangement with layers of exotic percussion sounds when required, but he'll rather take just the right rusty old tambourine and nail that groove in one take.

While I like having him in the studio, his great communication skills and taste make remote sessions run smoothly too.

Highly recommended!


Ivo Witteveen, composer/producer, MOST Original Soundtracks

(Photo in Nestlé museum 'Le-Nest' in Vevey, Switzerland, for which Ivo composed all the music while I did all percussion for that project)