May 25th 2024 I was a 'Stagevision' band member for 'This Is Michael', a very successful tribute to 'MJ', 'The King Of Pop', Michael Jackson.
15 musicians, 10 dancers and a massive sold out show in Ahoy, Rotterdam, produced by Media Dome..
Big fun to play these colossal hits with such a great bunch of people for so many other people!
Photo © Martin Hols.

 Thia Ís Michael - the team

After 2 years of fun, serious fun.... with amazing people...
Available on all streaming services on March 28th...
Here the 'Current Moves Spotify link'.
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I'll get in touch with you personally.


Current Moves - cover


Current Moves - The Team 

All Time Favourite Benelux Slagwerkkrant 2020

After 10 times #1 'Best Percussionist Benelux' I was voted #1 in our Slagwerkkrant popularity poll 2020 in the category 'All Time Favorite Benelux' by the readers.
I am as humbled as pleased to be in a list with some of our most legendary drummers/percussionist.
Thanks for your votes readers of our magnificent drums/percussionmagazine!

Check the article here:

Here is the 'Hall of Fame Benelux' list of illustrious and fantastic drummers/percussioinsts I am now part of:
Cesar Zuiderwijk (2003)
Ton Dijkman (2004)
John Engels (2005)
Hans Eijkenaar (2006)
Lucas van Merwijk (2007)
Fred van Vloten (2008)
René Creemers (2009)
Han Bennink (2010)
Pierre Courbois (2011)
Pierre van der Linden (2012)
Rob Kloet (2013)
Marcel Serierse (2014)
Michael Schack (2015)
Martijn Vink (2016)
Mario Goossens (2017)
Bruno Meeus (2018)
Nippy Noya (2019)
Jeroen de Rijk (2020)

#thedrumsmustkeepplaying #slagwerkkrantpoll2020

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It was very special to musically open up the UEFA Nations League Draw 2024 in the 'Maison de la Mutualité' in Paris.
Together with 3 fine colleagues we were accompanying French young super talent 'Fanchon' who sang the official Nations League hymne.
Live music played along with a backing track that I also recorded all other 'percussive rumble from the jungle' for.
On guitars Bastiaan Mulder, bass Marcel Schimscheimer and on violin Frank van Essen.
And a fantastic ultra 'professional with a smile' UEFA production team!

 UEFA Nations League Draw 2024

Like in 2018 and 2019 I was again part of 'A Bowie Celebration' for the Holland and Belgium shows.
It's all about real 'Bowie alumni' musicians and fantastic guest vocalists singing songs from David's endless list of hits.

3 sold out shows in the Amsterdam 'Paradiso', Antwerp 'De Roma' and The Hague 'Het Paard'.
I shared the stage with legendary Mike Garson, Gerry Leonard, Carmine Rojas, Kevin Armstrong, Alan Childs and singers Corey Glover, Sass Jordan and Mr. Hudson.

As in previous editions the general vibe was unbelievable, both on stage and in the halls as such.



Deep Organic Percussion is a sample pack recorded by me and built by Julian van Straten from Basic Wavez  to cover all genres like deep house, melodic house & techno, and organic house. So if you're looking to level up your percussion game look no further! 

All loops, and fills recorded in separate takes at 120, 124 and 128 BPM
All files come in both processed and unprocessed (raw) versions.
Files marked with Key and BPM where appropriate.

12 Bongo Loops.
14 Cajon Loops.
7 Conga Loops.
6 Djembe Loops.
14 Shaker Loops.
11 Tambourine Loops.
25 Fills consisting of Toms, Djembe, Congas, Cajon and Bongo.
178 One Shots covering Conga, Bongo, Cajon, Cowbell, Djembe, Flutes and Whistles, Metallic Sounds, Wooden Sounds, Various weird and wonderful Sounds, Vibraslaps, Tambourines, and Shakers.
16 flams covering Bongo, Cajon, Conga, Djembe and Toms.
25 Rattles covering Shaker, Tambourine, and Various others.
19 Rolls covering Bongo, Cajon, and Djembe.
30 Slides covering Rainmakers, Bongo, Conga, and Various other random slide sounds.

Bonus: Demo Ableton Project File.

What a thrill it was to record for our most famous Dutch band ever, the 'Golden Earring' early August of this year.
Not often did I work for people that once - early childhood - were first degree heros.
A wonderful afternoon was spent with producer John Sonneveld and 'Earring' guitarist/singer/composer George Kooymans, the guy who wrote their world hit 'Radar Love'.
'Say When' was released in October 2019, sounds great and is a classic rock song in the best tradition of the 'Earring'.

Golden Earring recording

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In recent times I recorded all 'percussive rumble from the jungle' for 2 brand new Mezzoforte songs.
This is one of them, Maria's Song, composed by founding member and great guitarist Fridrik Karlsson.
Again all the work was done in my 'Percussion Today Home Studio'.
Wonderful to have re-established the relationship with this Icelandic super Jazz Fusion band.
First time ever in a recording studio with them was in 1984, in London.
Tape recorder running in the corner.
Times have changed.

Maria's Song - Mezzoforte

Kinsey-Haslip-De Rijk-Eijkenaar

I was thrilled to be asked to join my friend Hans Eijkenaar for recording tons of grooves simultaneously - in one room - a full day last July.
Recordings are for a new App that will be released soon on his 'Go Independent' label.
On this label he released his own 'Drum Loops HD' and several other apps, including my 'Percussion Loops HD' and one with legendary Steve Gadd.
Steve played his own world famous clichés and made them downloadable for all of us through the app.
Hans and I have played together since 1984 in every thinkable musical context.
More info on the apps:

In the photo f.l.t.r.: Scott Kinsey, Jimmy Haslip, me and Hans during our 'Tribute to Jaco Pastorius/Joe Zawinul' tour in June 2019.


An unbelievable surprise to have been asked to open up for a Sting concert in the Amsterdam AFAS Live hall.
And to have been asked by his super talented and successful son Joe Sumner, whom I knew for a few years yet due to his presence as a guest vocalist in the 'A Bowie Celebration' shows for Holland and Belgium in the 3 years before corona kicked in.
We played as a duo for 30 minutes, his original material including the massive hit 'Two Sisters' from his band Fiction Plane'.

Joe Sumner & Jeroen

It was a great pleasure to have master bass player, 'Yellowjackets' founding father and my dear friend Jimmy Haslip in Holland for a 'Jaco Pastorius Tribute' tour early June 2019.
With him came amazing 'Tribal Tech' keyboard player Scott Kinsey, who is a protégé of 'Weather Report's' Joe Zawinul himself.
On drums I invited Yoran Vroom, one of the most talented Dutch drummers of his generation, ánd - for 1 show - monster drummer Hans Eijkenaar, one of my oldest friends and colleagues, since ± 1982!
This tour was produced by my company Baileo Music Productions, in close cooperation with

Jaco Pastorius Tribute 2019

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Wonderful to once again have been part of the 'Soundwise Band' to back up some our most famous singers to honour the musical legacy of national icon André Hazes.
5 should shows in Holland's biggest indoor venue, The Amsterdam Ziggo Dome.
39 songs, 2:45 hours of non stop live music.
© photo @setvexy

 Holland Zingt Hazes - Jeroen

Here you have an impression of our first of two Mezzoforte Shows at the Java Jazz Festival 2017 on the 3rd of March.
What a thrill to be back on the road again after almost 3 decades with these wonderful Icelandic musicians!
We rehearsed and played 2 shows in the Amsterdam Melkweg before taking of to Jakarta, Indonesia.
Amazing to see so many thousands of people loving this cool Jazz Funk Fusion vibe that has come out of this band that celebrates it's 40th anniversary this year.
Here you can see/hear one of our shows on youtube!

Mezzoforte Live Java Jazz 2017

jordan Sneakers | Patike

Wonderful to have been involved in the 'Holland Zingt Hazes 2021' mega production the Amsterdam Ziggo Dome.
This about 2 sold out nights in our biggest indoor venue, playing the music of national treasure André Hazes with a host of guest vocalists.


Holland Zingt Hazes - 2021

The wonderful 'Soundwise Band' with MD Eric van Tijn.


Holland Zingt Hazes Band - 2021