Slagwerkkrant Poll 2020 - winner 'All Time Favourite Benelux'

All Time Favourite Benelux Slagwerkkrant 2020

After 10 times #1 'Best Percussionist Benelux' I was voted #1 in our Slagwerkkrant popularity poll 2020 in the category 'All Time Favorite Benelux' by the readers.
I am as humbled as pleased to be in a list with some of our most legendary drummers/percussionist.
Thanks for your votes readers of our magnificent drums/percussionmagazine!

Check the article here:

Here is the 'Hall of Fame Benelux' list of illustrious and fantastic drummers/percussioinsts I am now part of:
Cesar Zuiderwijk (2003)
Ton Dijkman (2004)
John Engels (2005)
Hans Eijkenaar (2006)
Lucas van Merwijk (2007)
Fred van Vloten (2008)
René Creemers (2009)
Han Bennink (2010)
Pierre Courbois (2011)
Pierre van der Linden (2012)
Rob Kloet (2013)
Marcel Serierse (2014)
Michael Schack (2015)
Martijn Vink (2016)
Mario Goossens (2017)
Bruno Meeus (2018)
Nippy Noya (2019)
Jeroen de Rijk (2020)

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