Beats Live

In 2020 long time partner in drumming crime Hans Eijkenaar and his wife Marieke released yet another loops app in the iTunes Appstore, with me.

Available in the iTunes Store since 2020 and selling worldwide.


The ultimate play along-study-groove-practice-with app in your iPhone or iPad!
Corona makes this a hard to deal with period in our lives as musicians and we are locked in but this might just help you out!
400 loops performed live by Hans Eijkenaar (drums) and Jeroen de Rijk (percussion) with tempo control and live mode (loops following in perfect tempo sync).

It’s like a metronome in many ways…………but a groove instead of a click:-) 


Beats Live


Technical info:


Consider this app to be the metronome that you actually love to study and perform with!
Not just a click but a rhythm section that performed live in one real recording room, no edits, no manipulation but raw, natural groove in many styles.

Around 400 loops that you can study, jam, perform live or teach with!

250 loops (all 2 bars in length) in many genres performed by a live studio drummer and percussion player and another 150 performed on drums only (e.g., jazz and rock)

Complete with tempo slider and tap tempo. Plus, a unique feature; 'listen mode' and 'live mode' for either quickly auditioning loops or having loops play after each other, maintaining the same tempo (live mode).

Content of the app:



70 bpm-10 loops

90 bpm-32 loops

110 bpm-48 loops

130 bpm-64 loops

140 bpm-6 loops (trap beats)

150 bpm-28 loops




110 bpm-36 loops

130 bpm-32 loops


12/8 AND 12/8 AFRO:


100 bpm-14 loops

110 bpm-16 loops

120 bpm-14 loops

130 bpm-19 loops

140 bpm-16 loops




130 bpm-8 loops

160 bpm-8 loops

190 bpm-8 loops

220 bpm-11 loops

250 bpm-14 loops

280 bpm-14 loops




-the ultimate 'real human feel-metronome' for studying on your instrument

-listen mode pages allow for auditioning of all loops and changing their tempo

-listen mode page has auto reset to original tempo after switching to new loop

-live mode page allows for long performances, teaching or studying

-live mode page has unique tempo sync function that allows loops to follow each other.. 

-live mode follows the tempo set by user, all loops within chapter stay in tempo

-easy to use interface with clear labeling and play button

-chapters with different genres and styles

-different styles within tempo pages are color coded for easy manoeuvring

-plus or minus 30 bpm manipulation with tempo slider in each chapter

-drums and percussion loops recorded live in the same room!

-performed on top of the line instruments (adapted per style)

-recorded in high end audio facility in the Netherlands

-mixed and mastered to blend into your music

-played by the most experienced session players in the Benelux

-the app continues playing in the background enabling you to read charts....

-landscape and portrait mode available on iPad (combine with any pdf reader if you like)


Goes without saying: sound quality always best with speakers or headphones :-)




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