Jeroen De Rijk

Lead or backing percussionist

35 years of experience in multi style percussion for every thinkable musical situation.

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Percussion Today Home Studio

Your music gets 'beautified' with custom recorded exclusive studio percussion.

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Baileo Music Productions

'Bring people together' through producing/booking music for live events and recordings.

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Lina and N.E.W.S.

In the last couple of years I have worked on a 'Percussive Act'.
N.E.W.S. - 'North-East-West-South' - embodies drumming from all corners of the world.
At the moment we are running a crowdfunding campaign to add (animated) young lady Lina as a fifth member to our band.
Please share and help us out to bring this theatrical act to the next level.

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Lange Frans Album 'Zwart'

I recently recorded, from the 'Percussion Today Home Studio' for the brand new Lange Frans album 'Zwart' ('Black').
On of the tracks, 'Op Zoek Naar God' ('Looking For God'), was written and produced by Giorgio Tuinfort.
This is the same man I recorded all percussion for on 'Love Never Felt So Good', the first track on Michael Jackson's 'Xscape' album.
You can hear and see Frans and band play 'Ik Ben Je Man Niet' ('I'm Not Your Man') live in the famous Wisseloord Studio for Giel Beelen's '3 FM On Stage' channel.
In the photo Lange Frans, band and Giel Beelen.

Lange Frans & Band + Giel Beelen

Percussion Loops HD is a vast library with hundreds of percussion loops and samples, played by a pro player and purpose built for iOS! Use them with your daw - a.o. Garageband, Auria, Cubasis, Multitrack Daw - (plus AUDIOBUS SUPPORT) or let them loop within the app itself. Nothing is programmed or synthesized, but played live by me.