Jeroen De Rijk

Lead or backing percussionist

35 years of experience in multi style percussion for every thinkable musical situation.

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Percussion Today Home Studio

Protools-based ‘custom live recorded' studio percussion tracks directly from me to you!

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Baileo Music Productions

Producing, composing, arranging, recording and booking live music.

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Playing again with Mezzoforte

Early eighties of the last century I joined a fantastic Icelandic Jazz Fusion called Mezzoforte.
This was after playing in their support act in the Amsterdam Paradiso.
At the time they had a massive hit all over Europe and Japan called 'Garden Party'.
We toured all over Europe and further afield, did Montreux Jazz, Tivoli (Kopenhagen), Pori Jazz and 'Japan'.
Now, after almost 3 decades, they asked me to join in again for 3 shows, in the Amsterdam North Sea Jazz Club (28-02-17, sold out) and the Java Jazz Festival in Jakarta, Indonesia (03 & 05-03-17).
The band is still playing (since 1977!) with the 4 founding fathers, Eythor Gunnarsson, Fridrik Karlsson, Joahnn Asmundsson and Gulli Briem.
So I'll reunite with the guys I did hundreds of concerts with in our early twenties.
Photo is from the very first time ever we played together in Ronnie Scott's, one of the worlds most famous Jazzclubs, late 1983.

Playing with and booking The Jazz Focus Bigband

Last November I played with the best youth bigband fromAmsterdam, The Jazz Focus Bigband, conducted by the wonderful Peter Guidi.
It was for the 25th edition of the Kennemer Jazz Festival in Beverwijk.
Special guests were Humphrey Campbell, one of our very best singers, old friend and master piano player Cor Bakker and spectacular artist Pink Oculus.
My company Baileo Music Productions also booked this main act on behalf of the festival.
Life is good when I am allowed to think conceptually, book and play with people (who's talent) I like at the same time.
In the photos you see, besides some of the fine young musicians and me, (above) Peter, Humphrey, Cor and (below) Pink Oculus, Peter, Cor and programmer of the festival Kees Koek.

Percussion Loops HD is a vast library with hundreds of percussion loops and samples, played by a pro player and purpose built for iOS! Use them with your daw - a.o. Garageband, Auria, Cubasis, Multitrack Daw - (plus AUDIOBUS SUPPORT) or let them loop within the app itself. Nothing is programmed or synthesized, but played live by me.